Why is 1 800 got junk so expensive?

The prices are based on the volume of space that the garbage takes up in the truck. Other pricing factors include the city where you live, the price of gas per gallon, disposal rates, and other factors. All prices include the disposal of your items, environmental fees and cleaning. Your quote will not be an exact amount.

A disadvantage of 1-800-GOT-JUNK? this can be your pricing structure, which is based on size rather than weight or individual items. This means that bulky but reasonably easy to carry items, such as sofas and box springs, can be more expensive than competitors would charge. In addition, the company uses two-person equipment, so it may not be the best option for heavy parts that require more labor. The latter is used for most loads.

Prices also vary from city to city due to alienation rates, gas prices, and other regional factors. The price covers everything from loading to cleaning and disposal. A simple search for 1 800 Got Junk near me should give you their nearest locations when you search for a Got Junk company near you. In addition, GOT-JUNK usually offers same-day service, so it's a great option if you need to pick up items quickly.

To book your same-day garbage collection online, simply enter your zip code and address, choose a time slot for the current day, and describe your trash. You can ask a 1800 GOT JUNK representative to give you a better estimate of the costs before your garbage removal appointment. This wide availability means that there is probably already a truck near your house and that you can schedule an appointment right away to pick up your trash. Customers who are satisfied with the service offered comment on the professionalism, the speed of the service and the ease with which the garbage is collected.

While using 1800 GOT JUNK isn't cheap, it should be better value for money than moving the trash yourself or renting a dumpster. The company sticks to what it knows: garbage disposal and is equipped to quickly transport just about any type of garbage you want to say goodbye to. When you sell your home, your real estate agent will also give you some suggestions about some of the best garbage disposal companies. Beware of the most affordable garbage disposal service; you may not get the quality experience you expect.

If you need to remove the trash quickly, same-day options are available if it's not a busy time for them. If you want to contact them by phone, imagine that their phone number is 1-800-468-5865 or that they have garbage, as the name suggests.