What does debris removal mean on insurance?

Debris removal insurance is exactly what the name on the can says. It is insurance that covers the costs and expenses of removing debris if an insured property has been destroyed or damaged by an insured loss. Debris removal is a service that removes various types of debris from a property. In the insurance context, the cost of debris removal is often covered by property insurance policies.

However, this cost is usually only covered if a covered hazard causes the debris. Whenever the damage was caused by a covered loss, such as a fire, the insurer will pay your expenses to remove the debris. Most property insurance policies include payments for the removal of debris, in a category known as “additional coverage.” Removing debris from construction sites, home renovation projects, and foreclosures can be a difficult and dangerous task. Some insurers will add debris removal as additional coverage to their homeowners' or property coverage.

Insurance companies recognize that removing debris can pose a financial burden, not to mention the cost of property repairs. If you offer debris removal services, there are several types of insurance you might want to check with your ALIGNED agent. If your yard is full of debris after a storm, it's covered by your homeowners insurance, but again, only 25 percent of the total claim can be used for debris removal. What this means is that if you live in a condominium building or an insured home and a fire breaks out or a tree hits your roof, you probably depend on debris removal insurance to pay for the cost of removing the debris that has been left behind.

A catastrophic loss can consume a significant part or all of the direct damage limit, leaving an amount insufficient for debris removal expenses. If you operate a related business or offer debris removal services in the construction industry, you should ensure that you get adequate coverage. It's important to consider the cost of debris removal when setting a direct damage limit at any location. Debris removal companies work with homeowners, businesses, and sometimes insurance companies to help facilitate the safe removal of debris.

Debris removal insurance is a common extension included in many property policies that covers the costs of removing debris from covered property damaged or destroyed by a covered loss from insured facilities.